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"Meanders of doom" New CD Ep 2015
After 8 years of silence Sinoath return 
with this obscure and gloomy masterpiece, 
about 20 minutes of pure doom atmospheres...
"The album is marked in its sulphurous and 
marshy gait, slow and grim darkness that
it intends to draw in the listener's mind".
(Final Earthbeat Productions)

"Det glemte riket" CD 2005
 This excellent compilation captures Ancient 
in their earliest days, featuring founder 
of the band Aphazel, and drummer/vocalist Grimm, 
at the time. This release is a must have for all 
second-wave fans, and all black metal fans alike. 
Strongly recommended.
(Sleaszy Rider Records)

"V" CD brand new album 2015
Finally Centvrion have returned to the battle front!!!
Great songs and riffs, mystifying vocals, twin guitars, 
a tight rhythm section and superb choruses that make 
you wanna rise up and battle along with these italian 
Centvrion. What a monster of a come-back 5th album!
(SG Records)
"Ancient pride" CD Digipack Mini album 1997
The third official Necromantia's release,
a tribute to the Greek band's cultural heritage, 
with a particular emphasis on their pagan aspects.
Recorded and mixed at Sin Ena Studio, 
Athens during August-October 1996. 
(Osmose Productions)

"L'arcano del mondo" CD Album 2013
The come back of italian black metal band Khephra 
with a concept about witchcraft.
Khephra the back with a very mature work. "L'arcano del 
mondo" is a banner that manifests various personal 
matters: in short, a sum of the concept of what is the black metal.
(Mal Eventum Productions)
"Timor mortis" CD Album 2010
10 songs of zombified brutal death metal from Italy
All songs are totally inspired by Lucio Fulci film.
The highlight of the disc are the dark assaults, 
well finished and solos that taste for the macabre that 
enhances the eerie atmosphere of the pieces, which 
succeeds in "Timor Mortis" to collect a lot of interest.
(Punishment18 Records)

"Trapped in the crowd" CD-Ep 2015
Five tracks of technical death thrash metal.
The band comes from Italy and this is their first 
MCD after a demo in 2013, and have come under the 
label Warhell Records. Their gender can be placed 
somewhere between thrash and death very technical 
and aggressive. A highly recommended work.
(Warhell Records)
"Kathaarian vortex" CD Album 2013
9 songs hateful black metal from Italy
Produced at "Panzerfaust studios" Bergem, Norway
Apolokia, Italy's most controversial, nihilist, elitistic 
and hateful Black Metal band, come back with their 
inhuman icecold brutal and satanic form of art 
releasing the long awaited debut album.
(My Kingdom Music)
"A dead poem" CD Album 1997
A dark journey through the gothic metal greek gods.
The band slowed down their tempos significantly and 
added occasional usage of acoustic guitars and regional 
music,making this particular record one of their more 
mainstream of releases,and the farthest from black metal.
(Sleaszy Rider Records)

"Mater of all evil" CD Album 1999
This is possibly the best thrashing Necrodeath has ever 
given through its career. Some might adhere to the 
classic tones of Into the Macabre, but really this is a 
boulder of an album worthy of even Bulldozer. Expert 
production, blazing guitars, and venomous lyrical spit 
make it worthy of any fan of black occult thrash metal.
(Scarlet Records)
"Voluntas luciferi" CD Album 2014
Nine hymns of pure satanic black metal.
After the highly acclaimed first full-length album 
entitled "Summi verbi Lucifer", Kurgaall soon became 
one of the most solid Italian black metal icons mainly 
to their maniacal black metal attitude.
(Deathstorm Records)
"Borgia orgia" CD Album 2013
13 tracks of pagan folk black metal from Italy.
This album is very original and good for any one aspect 
would examine it. And fully meets each new listening 
longer meets the first. Every black metal fan has to 
have this album in his collection. Buy it without thinking.
(Magma Productions)
"Sick blemished uncreation" CD Album 2000
Phobic have delivered ten songs album of high qualities.  
Their death metal is in the old vein especially the vocals 
in the old Necrophagia's style, very fuckin' morbid,  raw 
& evil in that old Dismember/Autopsy/Grave ways. 
Damn recommended to all true death metal fanatics.
(Elegy Music)

"Ionia" CD Album 2000
Early Anathema and My Dying Bride inspired Death
Doom band with tendencies towards Gothic-Metal. 
Relatively heavy use of keyboards to set the 
atmosphere, creating a rather grand allure to the 
music. The vocals vary between wailing in the tradition 
of Aaron's (My Dying Bride) vocals. Great sound.
(Elegy Music)